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      We are making the Earth a plastic-free place



      Our purpose: the most ethical fashion available


      Water from Mars' core values are organic, sustainable, vegan, timeless and fair. In one word: ethical.

      As an ethical fashion brand, we dress people in environmentally friendly and sustainable clothes. 

      At our core, we want to raise awareness and provide a solution to two problems: microplastic pollution and global warming caused by CO2 emissions.

      Our clothes is 100% plastic-free. It never contain any polyester, elastane, or acrylic. At the same time, our main fabric is made of Industrial Hemp, which is one of the best plants for absorbing CO2.


      Our goal: making ethical fashion affordable

      Our aim is a plastic-free wardrobe for all. 

      We hope to offer an alternative to items that are commonly made with polyester or other polluting fibres. Our clothing is made with as many ethical considerations as we could think of, allowing customers to incorporate our products into their sustainable lifestyle.

      Join us on our journey!