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      We center all of our decisions (from operations to design and production) on sustainability. We work hard every day to live up to the standards set in this Sustainability Manifesto, and we hope to inspire everyone to apply the same principles in their fashion world. 

      Note that our brand's sustainability manifesto is a piece of ever-evolving inspiration. We will improve it and add new elements on our journey of making this world a plastic-free place.


      Sustainability Manifesto of a sustainable fashion brand Ethicuette


      Water from Mars is tackling the climate emergency by choosing the most sustainable fabrics in fashion industry

      Our main fabric is True Hemp, as it is the best fabric for fighting climate emergency caused by global warming. Industrial Hemp absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than any other forest or commercial crop. One hectare of industrial hemp can absorb 24 tonnes of CO2 (which is approximately the same as the average carbon dioxide emissions of a European household per year). 


      Hemp fabric is also very well known for its durability, ensuring all garments will have a long lifespan. We aim to decrease the demand for new clothes, which should decrease the supply as well, leading to a decrease in the overall carbon emitted by the equipment used to harvest, process, manufacture, and transport new clothing.



      Fashion brand Ethicuette in its Sustainability manifesto is setting a standard for brand's sustainable operations. In their Sustainability Manifesto fashion brand is tackling many topics including environmental and climate emergency.


      Water from Mars is tackling the environmental emergency by selecting fabrics that do not release plastics and microplastics into the environment 

      The garments we make and the packaging we use are entirely organic-based and plastic-free.

      1. The fabric that we use is True Hemp, Tencel, organic cotton, linen, ramie. 

      Synthetic, plastic-based materials are harmful in two ways: First, research has shown they release chemicals that are absorbed by the body. Second, microplastics are released into waterways every time a garment is washed. We never use plastic-based fabric. Some of the fabrics on our "do not use" list are indeed organic, but because they are heavily treated with chemicals, we choose not to use them.

      Fabrics and materials on our "do not use" list are polyester, elastane, lycra, nylon, acrylic, rayon, and modal.  

      2. Our threads are composed of 100% hemp or organic cotton. 

      3. The zippers that we employ are metal zippers that have organic cotton tape. Our zippers are not reinforced with polyester (as 99.9% of zippers with a cotton tape are). 

      4. The buttons we use are made of coconut and corozo, a nut from the tagua tree.

      5. Our packaging is made from 100% recyclable and biodegradable paperboard printed with eco-friendly vegetable and water-based inks. 


      Sustainability Manifesto of a fashion brand Ethicuette is a demonstration of brand's core sustainability values and goals.

      Water from Mars is tackling chemical pollution by using hemp as our main fabric

      Hemp can be grown without using any pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. It also doesn't require any fertilizers. 

      Until we find truly eco-friendly dyes, our garments will remain dye-free and feature their natural, un-bleached colors.  


      Ethicuette in its Sustainable fashion brand's Sustainability Manifesto tackles climate emergency and environmental emergency, as well as clothes return, making vegan clothes without plastic that fits all shapes and sizes. Life is too short to wear toxic clothes!


      Water from Mars is supporting the local economy by focusing on European market

      As we are based in Europe, we mainly source our materials from European suppliers


      Sustainability Manifesto of a fashion brand Ethicuette is setting a roadmap of how brand should tackle climate emergency, environmental emergency and other problems that a fashion is facing.

      Water from Mars is motivating a sustainable and timeless designs by rewarding designers and treating designs as an intellectual property 

      We invest in both designs and designers. We reward a designer every time someone purchases their design. In that way, we provide a balance to what we (as a company) earn on a specific design, and what a designer earns. In our opinion, design is a product of creative work and it should be treated as one. 


      Sustainability Manifesto of Swedish sustainable fashion brand Ethicuette is tackling environmental emergency, climate emergency and many other sustainability topics

      Water from Mars is maintaining a sustainable production

      We start sewing only after the garment has been ordered, allowing to completely eliminate the need for using any unnecessary resources.


      Water from Mars respects all shapes and sizes

      Because all garments are made-to-order and sewing takes place after the order has been made, our tailors adapt to your individual measurements. No body left behind.


      Water from Mars accepts returns at garment`s end-of-life

      We are happy to receive our clothes once there is no more use of the item. Our customers can send us used garments, and we will repurpose it as best we can.


      Water from Mars loves all animals and insects 

      Our clothing is entirely vegan, free from animal testing, products, dyes, and the like. 


      Fashion sustainability manifesto of the brand Ethicuette is focusing on a problem of microplastics which is causing environmental emergency